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    Our Story

    Born in New York City, Wits + Beaux was founded with a single thought in mind. Where can we find a pair of well made socks with expressive patterns, at a reasonable price? The search in the marketplace left us frustrated. There was the colorful but too expensive, the affordable yet uncomfortable, and everything in between was uninspiring. We wanted to be the ones to make the perfect pair of socks that fit this criteria, and Wits + Beaux was born.

    The name comes from our love of the fashion and culture of Regency-Era England. "Wits", as they were known, were the poets, orators, and politicians of their time and the "Beaux" were the trend-setting gentleman of fashion. Beau Brummel's impeccable style set the standard for the modern gentleman, and this inspired us to create a line of men's accessories with a twist, to complement the personality of today's refined man.


    Quality for us means that they need to last and be comfortable while wearing. We noticed that most socks in the market would fall to your ankles after only a few washes. We wanted to assure our customers they were getting a pair of socks that would stay up. Our signature socks extend above the calf for all day wear without slipping down to an uncomfortable bundle around the ankle.

    While we started with Socks, our collection now includes colorful Neckties, Bow-Ties, Ensembles, Junior Bow-Ties, Baby Socks and Watches, all created with the same innovative outlook paying close attention to the details, the craftsmanship, and choosing the colors and patterns that reflect the trends of each season.

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