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    Women and Bow Ties

    Women and Bow Ties

    Bow ties have long been associated with the dapper gentleman, black tie affairs, and nerds wearing thick black-framed glasses. However, bow ties are cool – way cooler than their nerdy associations indicate. Luckily, we’re not the only ones who think so. People in all walks of life are embracing the wonder of the bow tie, from trendy cosplayers to chic television hosts. Even women are starting to rock the dapper bow tie style. At Wits and Beaux, we believe the bow tie is for everyone, but how do you pull off a bow tie?

    It’s All About Attitude

    You’ve been told to smile because it makes you look pretty. Well, wear a bow tie because it makes you feel good. Remember, fashion is about wearing something you believe you look dapper in. If that means wearing a bow tie while your colleagues and friends are rocking chunky necklaces, more power to you! As long as you believe you look good, your bow tie will look good!

    Bow Ties are Better than Scarves

    If you think your plain white button down deserves a touch of color, ditch that scarf! Add a bow tie to your lineup. Bow ties are cool, both literally and figuratively. Even the lightest scarf can make you warm and, because it drapes down your front, it frequently catches all your spilled coffee. Bow ties are compact and won’t interfere with your work. Wear one to your job and embrace the feeling of typing at a keyboard without pushing a colorful scarf out of the way.

    Don’t be Afraid to Dress Down

    Bow ties may have gotten their start as a formal wear accessory, but they’ve come so much farther over the last few years. Never be afraid to wear your favorite Deco Bow Tie with your comfiest pair of jeans and well-loved flip flops. They’re an accessory after all, no different than a watch or a pair of really spiffy dress socks.

    Express Yourself

    At Wits and Beaux, we know that it can be tempting to blend in, to follow established fashion trends set forth by the great and mighty magazines, but we believe true fashion is achieved when you’re expressing who you are. While that can change on a daily basis, your bow tie collection should always be able to keep up. Wear a bright patterned tie with your favorite cardigan, or rock the nerdy chic look with a blazer and slacks. Just be sure you show off your personality.

    There’s No Wrong Way to Wear a Bow Tie

    The truth of the matter is, there’s not a right or wrong way to rock a bow tie. As long as you’re comfortable with your look, feel confident in your image, and love what you’re wearing, go for it! From cool and casual to dressy-professional, a bow tie can help elevate your look while adding a touch of flair and personality to every wardrobe.

    Don’t Let the Doubters Get You Down

    People have a lot of opinions on bow ties, and we get it — it takes a lot of work to be this awesome. For every ten compliments you get on your neckwear, there’s always going to be someone who questions your choices. Granted, these are the same people who probably feel comfortable wearing socks with their sandals. If they see fit to make a snide comment, straighten your bow tie and walk away. After all, you know what true fashion is!

    No matter what your style is, Wits and Beaux has the perfect bow tie for you. Browse our selection of dapper bow ties today and stand out from the crowd!

    Myths About Bow Ties

    Myths About Bow Ties

    At Wits & Beaux, we believe that the bow tie is the best choice for men’s neckwear. They’re versatile, as colorful as you want, and help you stand out from the crowd of necktie-wearing, half-Windsor tying, businessmen. For some reason, this opinion is not shared by as many people as we would like. To remedy this, we’re taking on seven myths about the bow tie and debunking them once and for all!

    Myth #1: Bow ties are only worn by magicians, clowns, and other entertainment artists.

    While we can’t deny that magicians have dapper taste when it comes to old-school fashion choices, the bow tie is a versatile fashion choice for just about everyone. Wearing one only shows that you have superior taste in fashion and shouldn’t suggest that you belong to the proud and elite group of stage magicians.

    Myth #2: Bow ties are outdated.

    On the contrary! Bow ties are timeless accessories perfect for dressing up a casual outfit or dressing down your favorite vest. Remember, it all comes down to the print and fabric you choose. Not all bow ties are plain black silk! Some have fun and vibrant patterns designed to add a certain flair to your wardrobe. With constantly updated patterns and fabric choices, the bow tie is most certainly NOT outdated.

    Myth #3: The only way to get a perfect knot is to buy it pre-tied

    All ties are hard to tie at first. Remember struggling with your first simple knot when you were a child? Everyone struggles with it at first, but bow ties are really no more difficult than a straight necktie. After a few attempts, your bow tie will look perfect and you’ll look like a pro.

    Myth #4: Bow ties are for black tie occasions only.

    Again, we have to shake our heads at this one. While the bow tie is a favorite for many formal affairs, they’re far more versatile than that! At Wits & Beaux, you’ll find many color and pattern options sure to suit your sense of style. We pride ourselves on having eye-catching ties you want to wear time and time again, rather than selling plain, demure neckties that sit unused in your closet.

    Myth #5: Bow ties are unsophisticated and reserved for nerds.

    The tie is only as sophisticated as the person wearing it. While once the property of nerds across the country, the bow tie has grown up. The necktie has a reputation for being a slimming and sleek accent to any suit, but they often lack the same level of personality as a bow tie. If you’re the type of person who loves making a statement, go with a bright and bold pattern. If you’re looking to add a level of timeless sophistication, stick with darker tones that match your suit color. Remember, sophistication is in the eye of the beholder.

    Don’t get stuck in the boring necktie rut! Update your wardrobe with a colorful and dapper bow tie from Wits & Beaux! Browse our selection and order yours today!

    When is a Bow Tie Appropriate?

    When is a Bow Tie Appropriate?

    When is a bow tie appropriate? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Wits & Beaux. While deciding what counts as formalwear or casual attire can be tricky for many of us, we decided to put together a handy guide to help you make the choice easy.

    Formal Events

    When you think of a bow tie, it’s likely that you picture a full tuxedo or other formal suit. While black tie events often encourage attendees to don the classy matte black bow tie, they typically allow for just about any nice black tie. Generally speaking, a solid color tie is better for formal events, but you can get creative with textures. Remember, a bow tie will make you look classier than a straight necktie.

    Semi-formal Events

    Semi-formal events are the perfect occasion to play with patterns and colors on your tie. Stand out from the crowd and wear something eye-catching. While a straight necktie can hide in your vest or jacket, a bow tie will always make a statement and is always visible. At the end of the evening, you can even untie the bow tie and let the leaf drape over your chest. While no one will be impressed with an untied necktie, plenty of people will be impressed with the fact that you tied a bow tie yourself.

    Casual Events

    While bow ties have a reputation for being reserved for formal events, nothing could be further from the truth. Bow ties are the perfect way to accessorize a plain old button down, adding a touch of class and personality to your everyday outfits. With casual outfits, anything goes. Wear a tie with a bold pattern and match it with our boldly patterned dress socks! There are no rules as long as you feel sharp in your dapper bow tie. It’s all about confidence!

    Order your next bow tie from Wits & Beaux and jazz up your drab wardrobe. We offer free shipping on all orders with no minimum order size! Browse our selection today.

    Defy Convention with Stylish Dress Socks

    Defy Convention with Stylish Dress Socks

    Unfortunately, professional business attire has taken on a drab style. People are gravitating towards deep navy or black suits with plain button downs and nondescript ties. We understand that many employers have come to regard this style as industry-standard. It’s expected that you leave your personality at home, at least as far as your personal style is concerned. After all, nothing establishes trust in a professional environment like a well-groomed, sharp looking employee. At Wits & Beaux, we believe it’s time to reclaim your style and want to help you show it off, at least subtly.

    Our Dress Socks

    We carry a full line of top-quality dress socks, featuring bright colors and vibrant patterns. You may be required to wear that solid colored tie, but we’ve yet to come across a boss who noticed a bit of color peeking out from the cuff of our pants.

    In addition to a fantastic style, our socks are designed to keep you comfortable all day long. The premium elastic arch support will keep your feet happy, even in uncomfortable loafers. Each pair is crafted with seamless stitching at the toes, so you won’t have to experience that uncomfortable bump every time you walk. Best of all, our socks won’t fall down around your ankles at the end of the day!

    Whether you’re looking for your new favorite pair of socks for your day job or need a trendy way to flaunt your style out on the town, Wits & Beaux has the right socks for you! Browse our selection of dress socks for men and order your pair today!

    History of the Wits and Beaux

    History of the Wits and Beaux

    Wits & Beaux is dedicated to providing you with the best and most stylish socks and bow ties, guaranteed to be a hit for every occasion. We believe there’s no such thing as looking too dapper, and a bow tie is the perfect way to say you care about your appearance. Our socks and ties focus on fresh, stylish designs while maintaining that classic elegance reserved for the elite members of society. In fact, that’s what inspired our name, Wits & Beaux.

    Who Were the Wits?

    The “wits” were the politicians, the poets, the scholars, and the orators of the Regency-Era in England. This time period was woefully short, ranging from 1811-1820, but the literature and political stances of the time still influence our society today.

    Who Were the Beaux?

    The “beaux” were the fashion-forward trendsetters   who strived to make a statement with their appearance. They were part of the younger generation of high-society English aristocracy and lived their lives in extravagance. While this often meant lavish parties, balls, and questionable behavior, their taste in fashion continues to make waves. Like the beaux, many  modern gentlemen are returning to the era of high fashion and embracing the world of refined style.

    Like the wits and beaux of the Regency era, we believe in an emphasis on style and lasting materials. We’re here to provide you with the finest dress socks and bow ties sure to make you stand out on your next trip to the theater or even your next day in the office. Take control of your style, become that dapper gentleman, and embrace the fashion of the wits and beaux! We know you won’t regret it!