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    Blog — mens wedding suits ideas

    Accessorize Your Suit

    Accessorize Your Suit

    When you’re heading to a wedding, finding the right thing to wear is always a priority. Unless you’re one of the groomsmen, you probably won’t have someone telling you precisely what to wear and coming up with an outfit that looks both trendy and dapper can be a challenge, even for the most fashion-forward of us. We wanted to help. Here are a few tips to help you look great at your next big occasion.

    Stick with What You Know

    Sure, you could go out and buy a new suit with a fancy cut that you’ve never worn before, but you don’t have to. If you have a nice suit hiding in the back of your closet and it fits, wear it! You’ll be more comfortable wearing something you know you look good in and that’s half the battle. After all, confidence is key in establishing a trendy style.

    Neckwear Matters

    We know — as bow tie aficionados, we don’t have to tell you how awesome you’ll look in one of our dapper bow ties. If you’re on our site, you already know that they’re far superior to the straight necktie. However, you should always look for a tie that will fit both the suit’s style and show of a bit of our character. Look for a tie that has complementary colors to go with your suit and your shirt. Rather than sticking with a solid color, branch out and choose a patterned tie. You’ll show off your creative side while looking classy. If it’s cold out, don’t be afraid to wear a scarf. The same rules apply; look for a scarf that has a similar color scheme to your bow tie. While you’ll take it off as soon as you’re inside, you’ll still want to look awesome as you walk in.

    Don’t Neglect Your Feet

    Break out of the ordinary when it comes to your socks. Sure, plain black or navy are classy options, but why not show some flair when you’re sitting down? Wits and Beaux has a wide selection of dress socks for men, so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair in time for that wedding. Best of all, like our ties, our socks are colorful and trendy. You’ll be able to show off your creative side when your cuffs lift up.

    Stay Classy with Your Shoe Choice

    While we’re huge advocates of showing off your personality when it comes to your neckwear, you can’t go wrong being a bit conservative with your shoes. A solid black or brown oxford is the perfect way to complete your outfit and tie your look together. Sure, there are statement shoes out there, but with fashion, you really can have too much of a good thing in one package. Don’t worry, no one will think you’re boring if you play down your footwear. Just make sure they’re polished leather and leave the hightops in your closet.

    Keep Track of Time

    Very few people actually remember to wear a watch to the wedding. Hey, if it’s a long ceremony, this can make it go a bit faster, but someone should have a watch on. Let that someone be you! Look for a watch with a nice leather band. The color leather should match your shoes and should have a similar polish. As the night wears on and people start wondering how late it is, you’ll be the most popular man there, excluding the groom, of course!

    The next time you’re looking for a high-quality bow tie to complete your outfit, stop by Wits & Beaux. We have a wide selection of patterned dapper bow ties sure to strike your fancy. Browse our collection and order today!

    History of the Wits and Beaux

    History of the Wits and Beaux

    Wits & Beaux is dedicated to providing you with the best and most stylish socks and bow ties, guaranteed to be a hit for every occasion. We believe there’s no such thing as looking too dapper, and a bow tie is the perfect way to say you care about your appearance. Our socks and ties focus on fresh, stylish designs while maintaining that classic elegance reserved for the elite members of society. In fact, that’s what inspired our name, Wits & Beaux.

    Who Were the Wits?

    The “wits” were the politicians, the poets, the scholars, and the orators of the Regency-Era in England. This time period was woefully short, ranging from 1811-1820, but the literature and political stances of the time still influence our society today.

    Who Were the Beaux?

    The “beaux” were the fashion-forward trendsetters   who strived to make a statement with their appearance. They were part of the younger generation of high-society English aristocracy and lived their lives in extravagance. While this often meant lavish parties, balls, and questionable behavior, their taste in fashion continues to make waves. Like the beaux, many  modern gentlemen are returning to the era of high fashion and embracing the world of refined style.

    Like the wits and beaux of the Regency era, we believe in an emphasis on style and lasting materials. We’re here to provide you with the finest dress socks and bow ties sure to make you stand out on your next trip to the theater or even your next day in the office. Take control of your style, become that dapper gentleman, and embrace the fashion of the wits and beaux! We know you won’t regret it!