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    Blog — mens over the calf socks

    Why Your Socks Should Match Your Pants

    Why Your Socks Should Match Your Pants

    Socks can be the make-or-break part of your ensemble. Sure, the suit, shirt, and tie are important, and you need to pick out shoes to wear over the socks, but those other items aren’t nearly as crucial (unless you are trying to decide on a quality bow tie). When deciding on your socks, there are two vastly different routes you can go down: whacky and mis-matched to your outfit, or matching and subtle, but with the right amount of pop. We can’t give you any advice if you choose to go down the route of the former, but if you do choose to match, we have some tips for why it’s good to go with your pants, not your shoes or belt.

    Your Shoes Should Match Your Belt

    Firstly, you should match your socks with your pants because your shoes have already found their partner: your belt. They are far enough away from each other that they are not cramping each other’s style, but with the buffer that is your legs, a matching shoe and belt combination looks sharp and well put together. There’s no better way to complete your outfit than a matching (or nearly matching) shoe and belt duo. Also, if your shoes and socks match, it might give off the appearance that you are wearing odd hightop dress shoes. Unless you’re going for the classics courtesy of Mr. Taylor, steer clear of that look.

    We constantly bring this up, but pants have an affinity for riding up and showing some calf, covered or not. If you are the type who doesn’t feel the need to show any lower leg, matching socks are almost an extension of your pants, but not the bad way that we mentioned above in the shoe-matching scenario. Instead, socks that match your pants provide flare and enough of a difference to know they are socks, but without drawing attention to the fact that your pants are not at their proper place.

    You Look Like You Know What You’re Doing

    When buying socks, you are most likely not wearing the pair of pants they will need to match. In fact, it’s almost impossible to wear every pair of pants for which you need some matching socks. If you come out of the store with socks that nearly match multiple pairs of pants, people will notice. Taking the time to know the patterns and colors will show onlookers that you have a grasp on how to dress and what colors work best together. Doing this will prove that your style is unparalleled and that your sock game is not to be messed with.

    Wits and Beaux is here to help you take your style to the next level. Our over-the-calf socks and bow ties are unparalleled in fashion and functionality. The modern gentleman needs to constantly improve and build a wardrobe, and our sock and tie collection can’t be beat. Check out our newest styles and find the best one for you today!

    Proper Dress Sock Etiquette

    Proper Dress Sock Etiquette

    Dress socks are not just to be worn with your suit anymore. With the numerous styles and colors being developed everyday, socks are one of the clothing items you can utilize with any outfit to make it your own. As one of our specialties, the Wits and Beaux team wants to give you some tips on how to best wear your socks to make your next outfit truly pop. Afterward, we suggest you browse our selection and pick out a few pairs because, as you’ll see, variety is key!

    Dress Socks Should Be Thin

    Wool socks are great for early morning hunts or trudging through a snowstorm. They keep your feet warm and dry, which is great when the circumstances call for it. However, when you are searching for socks to wear with any other shoe (save athletic shoes), you are looking for thin material. When we say thin, we do not mean poorly made, but rather socks that will not prevent you from wearing any sort of shoe with them and adhere to your feet well. This also helps ensure your shoe size is more accurate; thicker socks mean added size to your feet which means you may not get the size appropriate for your actual feet. Choosing socks with the right material will be better for your overall style.

    Cover Your Calves

    Hey, we get it, you want to prove to everyone that you don’t skip leg day, and socks that hide your calves do exactly the opposite. However, Wits & Beaux wants to stress that the right dress socks will and should cover your calf, rising up to just below the knee. Many of you fine gentlemen might be asking why exactly this is important if you are wearing socks with your dress pants or other form of pant (if you’re wearing dress socks with shorts, well, we’re sorry). More often than not, sitting down, crossing your legs, or any other movement that is not standing will cause your pant legs to shift up. This can lead to exposing the bottom part of the leg, and rather than showing off those fine (and potentially hairy) calves, cover them up with the right socks and leave something to the imagination.

    Match Your Pants

    If you are utilizing dress socks in a more conservative way and are trying to match them with another piece of your ensemble, focus on your pants rather than your tie or shoes. The reason for this is because matching to your shoes would be overkill, as those are (theoretically) supposed to match your belt. If you are attempting to match your socks and your pocket square, you could overpower onlookers if the pattern is exactly the same, defeating the purpose of using those two items as statement pieces. Matching your pants will give you the ability to employ the same color scheme without too much similarity, which would be the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve with a strong sock game.

    Wits & Beaux is here to make sure your dress socks are looking just as dapper and classy as the rest of your outfit. If you are looking to improve your sock collection, need a bow tie to accompany that new pair of socks, or need some other fine fashion accessories, we have you covered. Check out our extensive collection and find your style today!

    Defy Convention with Stylish Dress Socks

    Defy Convention with Stylish Dress Socks

    Unfortunately, professional business attire has taken on a drab style. People are gravitating towards deep navy or black suits with plain button downs and nondescript ties. We understand that many employers have come to regard this style as industry-standard. It’s expected that you leave your personality at home, at least as far as your personal style is concerned. After all, nothing establishes trust in a professional environment like a well-groomed, sharp looking employee. At Wits & Beaux, we believe it’s time to reclaim your style and want to help you show it off, at least subtly.

    Our Dress Socks

    We carry a full line of top-quality dress socks, featuring bright colors and vibrant patterns. You may be required to wear that solid colored tie, but we’ve yet to come across a boss who noticed a bit of color peeking out from the cuff of our pants.

    In addition to a fantastic style, our socks are designed to keep you comfortable all day long. The premium elastic arch support will keep your feet happy, even in uncomfortable loafers. Each pair is crafted with seamless stitching at the toes, so you won’t have to experience that uncomfortable bump every time you walk. Best of all, our socks won’t fall down around your ankles at the end of the day!

    Whether you’re looking for your new favorite pair of socks for your day job or need a trendy way to flaunt your style out on the town, Wits & Beaux has the right socks for you! Browse our selection of dress socks for men and order your pair today!